The 1,6 & 2,6 Million Club 

The 1,6 Million Club is a non-profit organization that first and foremost raises awareness and spreads information concerning women's health and lifestyle issues and to lobby for fair, gender-based, medical research.

Our goal is that all women should have the best possible quality of life and health!


The 1,6 & 2,6 million club was founded in 1998 by Alexandra Charles together with several well-known medical experts and a core group of famous well-known women with different professional backgrounds; lawyers, actors, authors, and journalists. The name “The 1,6 Million Club” comes from the number of women over the age of 45 in Sweden in 1998. The purpose of the organization is to raise awareness concerning women’s health and lifestyle issues, with focus on women’s primary risk: Heart and blood-related illnesses.  

There is a growing understanding for a gender-sensitive approach to health issues. Women and men are anatomically different; however, the medical research field still lacks knowledge regarding women’s specific symptoms causing research to remain unequal.

The 1,6 & 2,6 Million Club works with all areas related to women’s well-being and health. We provide information about everything that affects a woman’s situation in life and her status in the community. We take an active role in society to influence government agencies, politicians, media and researchers. We work actively to improve interaction between generations to create a healthier society. Therefore in 2009 we established a sister-affiliate, the 2,6 Million Club for ages 18 to 45, devoted to highlighting young women’s health and lifestyle issues.

Currently, the 1,6 & 2,6 Million Club is one of the largest non-governmental women’s organization in Sweden. We continuously advocate and lobby for women’s well-being. We inspire and inform through seminars, campaigns, published books, social media, and political hearings.

1,6 Million Club International Network

In November 2011, the 1,6 Million Club in Sweden initiated a proposal for a joint action, engaging the 1,6 Million Club international network, to promote women’s health concerns at a European level. We intend to pursue the issue of Cardivascular disease as our focal point and area of first priority. There is a growing understanding for a gender-sensitive approach to health policy.  However, policies for promoting the health of women have not yet been introduced in any systematic way. Therefore there is a need to work together, to share knowledge, cooperate and promote skills development in an international context.


1,6 Million Club Norway

Active since summer 2010 and operated by Solveig Melbye, Gerd Helene Kjos, Alexandra Charles, Inger Elisabeth Prebensen, Eli Stockfleth, Harriet Gillberg.


19,6 Million Club Germany

Active since fall 2010 and operated by Helga Wachtmeister.


33,6 Million Club Sankt Petersburg

33,6 Million Club in Sankt Petersburg is operated by Elena Kalinina.


1,6 Million Club Network Brussels

Coordinator of the network in Brussels is Elizabeth Hammer-Kjellberg. Email:


1,3 Million Club Finland

Initiator Siv Hellén


For more information please contact

Harriet Gillberg

Jenny Tivéus Kronlund



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